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Hey everyone, My name is Rachael. Pronounced Rachel. I just spell it differently. But I really like how my name is spelled! Love it!! lol. Hey it's my mom's fault. Haha. Love you mom! Anywho, I've been creating sites since 99'. I love doing it. It's a hobby for me. :) Hope you all like it.

I use paint shop pro 8. I finally downloaded a copy of photo shop. Finally!! I love it. I use that too. I too sometimes download clipart. I just surf the net for clipart under yahoo or even google. You can find some great stuff.

I'm hosted by the lovely Jessica @ candyrain. Thanks for hosting me Jessica. Be sure to check out candyrain hosting. Her hosting is really awesome. Never any problems what so ever. Thanks again for hosting me. I'm glad to have a good and FREE host.

For all credits please click here. Thanks to those sites who offer such great content. I appreciate all you guys offer. Your all wonderful designers. Thanks again.

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Thanks for visiting luckystorm. Hope you will come back more often. Thanks for visiting. Please try to sign the guestbook or leave a comment?! I will try to update on a daily basis. Please bare with me. Thanks!! Ttyl and take care everyone!! Peace be well. Enjoy your stay and thanks for the lovely comments!! Tata for now. you all take care..