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paint shop pro


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the brushes:loveblush

sites that have helped me! thank you for your content!

  • pixel-soup
  • pixel-soup is a great site for small pixles. They're great to use and they can be very useful. She creates curtains and bows, too! Thanks pixel- soup!!
  • loveblush
  • Has textures, object png's, style sheets and tons more! Thanks Kayla!
  • bayside
  • Miggy Jai has textures, celeb png's and tons more! Thanks Miggy!
  • mascaraa
  • Melinda has style sheets, sign deco's, etc! Be sure to check out Mascaraa!
    Her site rocks!!
    Kevin offers sign deco's, style sheets, textures & more! Be sure to check out! Thanks Kevin!!!
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