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"Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection"
Winston Churchhill
Hi good morning everyone! How are you all?! Well it's around 6ish am here. Just made some graphics this morning. Hope you all like them. I didn't post them in the updated box. Sorry about that. Hope you can still check out the graphics.

I'm going to program today. Yesterday I didn't go. I wasn't feeling good. I have cystitis. Infection of the bladder. So I'm on antibitiocs. This isn't good. I'm also taking azo's. Azos are for bladder control and they work!! Try them!!

Going to end it here. Going to go watch a movie. Hope you all will have a nice weekend. I'm glad today is Friday! Whew! Thank goodness. lol! I just love the weekends. They're my time to relax, lol!!

Ttyl and I'll try to blog more later when I come home. Not sure what time I'm coming home today. But hopefully early. Thanks for the lovely messages in my cbox too. Take care everyone. Tata for now!!