Hi everyone! I wanted to thank Monay from lovedust FOR MAKING ME THIS LAYOUT/HEADER! SHE DID A FAB JOB!! THANKS Monay!! :)

I went to the doctor Wednesday! They said my diabetes is affecting my kidneys! Oops did that wrong. :( I have to be on a new medication for it. This pill is really tiny, Omg! :( But I have to take it. Wish me luck this helps the problem. It won't really cure it. But it will help.

Then last Sunday My mom had to go to the emergency room. Her sugar reading was 504. :( Really if your diabetic. So they give her IV well two bags of IV. She was there for four hours. I was like omg lady. She had to wait in the hall way because there was no room in the emergency room. I felt soo bad for her.

That's it for now. Gotta work on my other sites. Just check the other sites out. Hope one day you all can visit them. I worked extremely hard on them. Ugh! LOL! But it's worth it. Have a lovely Sunday afternoon. I'm going to program on Tuesday. So I won't be around. Hopefully the day will be okay. Ttyl.