welcome to luckystorm

"Each day provides it's own gifts"
Marcus Aurelius
Hi good morning everyone. Hope you all are doing well. It's around 7ish am here. Just turned 7 am. I've made some graphics this morning for you all. I've finally made some different color backgrounds. I've made new purple backgrounds. Hope you like them. I plan on making more different color backgrounds soon. Hopefully this weekend. I have more time on the weekends. Today I go to program and tomorrow too. I have off on Tuesday's & Wednesdays.

This week has been going well. It's just too darn hot here!! Omg. The weather is crazy! I wish it would cool down a little bit. This morning isn't so bad. But last night was aweful. The humidity here was sooo high!! Eek! Well I mean I do like the heat but this is too much. We put the air on.

Going to end it here. Going to go watch The Honeymooners again. Love that darn show. What do you think of black & what tv shows?! Do you guys/gals watch any?! We do. I like The twilight Zone, The Honeymooners & Alfred Hitchcock. All good shows. Hope you all will have a nice Thursday. I can't believe my birthday is next Friday.

Ttyl and try to keep cool where you are that is if it's too hot for you all. Thanks for the lovely comments in my cbox. You all rock! Thanks for being so kind. Well take care and I'll blog more later.