welcome to luckystorm!! enjoy your stay!!

"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking".

Friedrich Nietzsche
Hi good morning everyone. Here is the new layout. I got the awesome css template from parisfalls. Thanks Sandra & Kecia!! Be sure to check out parisfalls.

Today I'm NOT doing much. Just relaxing. I'm glad it's the weekend. I can sleep if I want to. lol! I've just been sooo tired. Omg. This really sucks!! Anywho, I hope that you all had a good October! I can't believe Halloween is next Tuesday. Where has the time gone?! This month just flew by too.

Thanks for those who still keep in touch :) I love all of my affiliates and elites. You guys rock and are awesome! You all are talented. So I wanted to say thank you!!

My mom has to have an operation on her ghoul bladder out. Sorry I can't spell, lol! She is going next Friday. Hope things go well for her. I'll be in the hospital when she gets it done. So I just may go see her. Glad to know I can do that.

Going to go end it here. Going to go watch a movie. The heat was on this morning. It was just too darn cold. Ttyl and I'll try to blog more this mornin. Going to the pharmacy to see what I can buy, hehe. Take care everyone.